Custom orders:

We're always glad to receive custom orders -- we can make things as wild or as tame as you'd like.  We can also recreate pieces we've already sold.

    Buying from shops and galleries:

Our work is available at the following shops and galleries:

Christopher Park Gallery -- Greenville, SC

Oliver's Southern Folk Art -- Hendersonville, NC


    Ordering pottery directly from us:

If an item is out of stock, we can just about always make you another -- please feel free to ask.  We can also customize the look of commissioned pieces by changing the glazes we use.

Please make a list of any items you'd like to order and email it to one of us, or give us a call:


        Greg Patton: email:

        Joel Patton: email:

We accept checks, money orders, PayPal (at the email address), and cash.

Feel free to contact us if you'd like to stop by the workshop to pick up your purchases or just to look at what we've got and what we're working on.


    Buying pottery online:

In addition to this site, we sell at the following sites:

Etsy --

eBay --


The fine print: Please note that we maintain our web pages ourselves, and we don't update every day -- some items may have gone out of stock before we've had a chance to update.  Some prices may be different for commissioned work than from stock prices, depending on the details of the commission.  (We'll let you know in advance.)  Finally, we may make some price typos sometimes -- we can't honor prices that are accidentally listed too low (but we also won't try to make you pay prices that are accidentally listed too high :).